How to make money on your video content

The presence of social networks is already difficult to surprise, there are more and more of them. This opens up excellent prospects for everyone, there is an opportunity to become famous, become rich, realize the existing potential. Short videos shot in person are used for this purpose. We offer you to study the list of top services that make it possible to make excellent money on your own content and almost without effort.


It is this social network that is most often remembered first when thinking about short videos. A more modern publication format has been available since 2020. Reels is excellent for videos of short duration. Beginners and experienced bloggers form and post their videos with a vertical arrangement.

Additionally, it is possible to add special effects, musical accompaniment. There is everything that is required to attract attention and call for the actions necessary for the blogger. Instagram videos allow you to earn money on the release of paid publications after a set of subscribers.


The social network is one of the innovators who introduced access to short videos. They also provide for a vertical arrangement. To start monetization, it is not necessary to have a large number of subscribers, but the virality of the videos is mandatory. That is why bloggers will have to do everything to demand their own videos. In the social network, the main thing is the number of views, because this increases the likelihood of receiving favorable offers from advertising companies.

YouTube Shorts

Earnings from filmed and uploaded videos are also available on the presented resource. But the methods of earning have a number of differences from other services. If views or agreements with advertisers are important there, then built-in donations are provided on YouTube. All users of the resource can register on the page the proposed options for sponsorship. Appeals are published for followers so that they can support the channel.


It is also worth considering the FriendsOnly service, it compares favorably with those listed above, since monetization was provided at the development stage. This has had a positive impact on the convenience of users, it will not take much effort to earn money on short videos. You need to start with a paid subscription format for your channel. This allows you to provide the most interesting, unique content only to subscribers who have decided to support the channel.

Privileged access for a surcharge is given for a certain time. By maintaining interest, the creator of the channel encourages the extension of the term. Everyone has the same chances on the platform, including beginners. FriendsOnly is the best alternative, since all the new items drop out in the recommendations, the number of subscribed users does not matter. Bloggers themselves are only required to provide interesting content and earn money from donations and subscriptions on a paid basis.
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