Insults in video chat: how do models respond to them

Anyone can face rudeness in everyday life. You can't protect yourself from it either in public transport, at work, or in queues at the polyclinic and in any other places. Rude people are sometimes encountered by models in video chats. How to react to them? How not to spoil your mood and provoke a useless conflict?

The reasons for rudeness can be very different. Depending on this, an effective behavior strategy should be selected.

Victim's position

Rude people try to choose — consciously or subconsciously — only those victims who seem to them defenseless and vulnerable. This includes shy and timid people with low self-esteem. If you are one of them, then be sure to work on yourself to increase your self-confidence. Until you have achieved the desired result, follow the following recommendations:

  • don't lose control of yourself. Realizing that you are not confident and confused, do not know how to behave, the brutes will attack with a vengeance. Therefore, hide your emotions;
  • express agreement with every remark of the boor. In this case, your communication will become so absurd that no one present in the video chat will take it seriously, they will only laugh at the unlucky brute who, after seeing such a reaction, usually falls silent;
  • make a joke of it. Humor is the best weapon, do not descend to the level of a boor, being rude to him in response;
  • be guided by the facts. If you are rude, call the person rude and say that you do not want to continue communicating with him.

All these methods are quite effective, so unpleasant people will most likely decide to stop spoiling the mood for you and the rest of the viewers in the video chat. But it's not worth ignoring the work on yourself because of this. If you want such situations to occur less, try to develop your personality: then no one will dare to be rude to you.

The brute has problems with communication

Some people say unpleasant things because of the low level of socialization. They want to talk to you, but they understand that they won't say anything interesting. In this case, rudeness is just a way to get your attention.
You can also find justice for such people. Just follow these recommendations:

  • stay polite. The goal of a rude person is to bring you to emotions, to force you to be rude in response. Remember this and don't play by his rules. Just polite communication can lead to the fact that he himself will leave the video chat or at least stop writing nasty things.;
  • use templates. Rude people want a violent reaction to their insults. Don't go along with them. Respond to their insults as monosyllabically as possible. You can even just write a template and send it to every rudeness. Because of this, the ham will quickly lose interest in you;
  • confuse the brute. For example, ask him in what year the Sphinx was unearthed in Egypt or what is the orbit of Mercury. While he digests your message and thinks what to answer, he will be laughed at by other viewers.

The brute is afraid of you

This is a fairly common reason, not only on the web, but also in real life. Most likely, the boor is just jealous of you or is not confident in himself, which provokes bouts of anger. Also, some rude people may have Napoleon syndrome. They go into a video chat and see on the screen a beautiful model in a great mood, enjoying great popularity. This breaks their pattern, and they try to humiliate the source of cognitive dissonance.

In this case, the brute can only be pitied. He has such low self-esteem that he tries to compensate for it with insults online. Such an unhappy person can be complimented so that he realizes that the world around him is actually not absolutely hostile and aggressive. Perhaps, thanks to this, he will stop writing insults to strangers.

Universal method

The most effective method of dealing with rude people is to completely ignore them. Just pretend that the boor doesn't exist. Continue to communicate with other users in a video chat, laugh, fulfill their requests, etc. A rude person should become an empty place for you, which is not even worth wasting your time on.

This is the most rational behavior: you will not waste time on an inadequate person, focusing on users who really appreciate you. And ham can do what he wants.
No one is immune from rudeness and insults. The main thing is not to bother your head and not to let the boors achieve their goal, whatever it may be.

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