Are social networks with a paid subscription our future?

Social networks are an integral part of our lives. Every day we spend more and more time on the Internet, communicate with friends, publish photos and videos. With the advent of social networks with a paid subscription, it became possible to earn money by providing access to exclusive content. But how popular is a paid subscription and will all social networks become paid?

What is a paid subscription and how does it work

A paid subscription is a way to pay for any services on the Internet. In social networks that offer a paid subscription, it can give access to private materials that are not available to all users of the platform. Also, a paid subscription can provide exclusive content available only to subscribers.
The operation of a paid subscription is quite simple. A user who wants to access private or exclusive content must subscribe for a certain amount. The subscription price depends on the terms of the platform, but usually it is a small monthly amount.

After the subscription is issued, the user gets access to private materials available only to subscribers. Payment is made monthly until the user cancels the subscription.

Which social networks offer a paid subscription?

OnlyFans, Fansly and FriendsOnly are platforms that offer paid subscriptions to exclusive bloggers' content. Each of them has its own characteristics and capabilities. For example, OnlyFans has only one subscription level, so all types of content are priced the same. Fansly also offers a multi-level paid subscription system, where the author can set a different price for different types of content. FriendsOnly, in turn, differs in that all videos on the platform are publicly available and can be viewed by all users for free, and paid content is divided into subscription and paid videos.

OnlyFans and paid subscription

OnlyFans is one of the most popular social networks with a paid subscription, which has become widely known on the Internet in a short period of time. The platform was created in 2016 and was originally intended for musicians, models and other creative personalities who wanted to make money on their creativity.

Now OnlyFans is a platform where bloggers publish content for their fans. To view the content, you need to purchase a monthly paid subscription, which is set by the blogger himself. The subscription price can vary from a few dollars to several hundred per month, depending on the popularity of the author and the nature of his content.

The main goal of OnlyFans is to create a comfortable environment for bloggers who can earn on their content without any restrictions. They can publish any content they deem appropriate and set their own subscription price. OnlyFans provides bloggers with the opportunity to communicate with fans and support authors, as well as a convenient payment system.


Fansly is another social network platform with a paid subscription, which was created in 2020. It provides similar services to OnlyFans, but with some differences in structure and functionality.

On Fansly, users can also purchase a monthly subscription to bloggers' content, but a multi-level paid subscription system is used here. A blogger can set different prices for different types of content, and a subscriber can choose the subscription level depending on how interested he is in a particular content.

Unlike OnlyFans, on Fansly users have the option to pay for a subscription in a different currency, which makes it more convenient for users in different countries. In addition, Fansly gives the user the opportunity to purchase access to individual videos or photos, without buying a monthly subscription.

On Fansly, there is also an opportunity for bloggers to earn additional income using the "tip" function. This means that viewers can leave money to the author for his content that they liked, in addition to the usual monthly subscription.


FriendsOnly is another social network platform with a paid subscription, which differs from OnlyFans and Fansly in its structure and features.

On FriendsOnly, viewers can view publicly available videos of bloggers for free, which can attract the attention and interest of paying viewers. Thus, the platform provides an opportunity for bloggers to attract an audience and show their content for free, and then sell exclusive content through a paid subscription.

Paid content on FriendsOnly is divided into two categories - paid subscription and paid videos. A paid subscription gives access to materials that are closed from ordinary users. Paid videos also allow viewers to purchase access to individual videos, without buying a monthly subscription.
One of the advantages of FriendsOnly is the absence of bots on the platform. All bloggers on the platform must pass passport verification, which guarantees the absence of fraudsters on the platform.

FriendsOnly technical support works 24/7 without interruption in chat mode, so bloggers get answers to any questions they are interested in here instantly, without delay. Also, bloggers on FriendsOnly do not face payment delays and withdrawal problems.
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