Variety of social networks: strategies for attracting attention and earning money on content

Novice bloggers should choose a social network to develop their account, taking into account the specifics of the published content and the audience. Let's consider main sites.


Tick is so popular among young people and focuses on short videos. Entertaining and informative videos become successful here. Following trends and using popular music is the secret of success on this platform.

To attract more likes and views on Tik Tok, it is important to know and use the algorithm of the platform. It is recommended to publish videos regularly, use relevant hashtags and participate in challenges. This will help you get into trends and attract a new audience.

Bloggers on TikTok should communicate with the audience: respond to comments, ask questions and conduct surveys. This will help strengthen the connection with subscribers and make your account more attractive to new users.


Friendsonly is a platform for an adult audience with the ability to monetize content through subscriptions and donations. Here it is easiest to monetize 18+ content, as erotic publications are in great demand. Creating exclusive erotic content on a regular basis can provide a good income.

The main feature of Friendsonly is that the authors earn not on advertising, but on subscriptions and donations from their subscribers. Content that is easily monetized on this platform often has an age limit of 18+, since erotic publications are in the greatest demand.

For successful monetization on Friendsonly, authors need to create exclusive erotic content and do it regularly. Beginners should experiment with different formats and determine which publications are most popular among their audience. Then you can choose one direction and make it the main feature of your account.

One of the main advantages of Friendsonly is the complete absence of bots on the site. Each author must pass passport verification, which reduces the risk of fraud on the platform to a minimum. In addition, in case of difficulties, bloggers can contact technical support, which works around the clock and promptly responds to requests.


Instagram appreciates the author's content, beautiful photos and harmonious design of the profile. It is important to publish images and captions that will attract the attention and interest of the audience. The texts under the posts can also be short or voluminous, the main thing is that they are interesting and intriguing.
The most popular content on Instagram is photos.

To attract the attention of the audience, authors should try to create beautiful and original photos that will look organically in the profile feed. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the design of the profile ribbon so that it looks harmonious and attractive.

Under each Instagram post, it is recommended to write a text that can be a short phrase or a longer post. The texts should be interesting, meaningful and useful to the audience. To interest users, you should limit yourself to 160-1000 characters and make the first three lines as intriguing as possible.

To successfully promote an Instagram account, authors should use current hashtags, geolocation and marks of other users in photos. It is also worth actively interacting with the audience by responding to comments and keeping in touch with subscribers.
Facebook prefers a serious and professional audience, so it's worth developing an account if you understand news, politics, culture or business. Photos and text publications are popular here, and short texts are valued more.

To attract the attention of the audience on Facebook, it is worth creating interesting and informative text publications and photos. Video content on this platform is less popular, so the emphasis should be on text materials. Although the text size limit is 63,206 characters, short posts are rated much higher by the audience.

To promote your Facebook account, you should use various marketing strategies, such as organic promotion, advertising campaigns and interaction with the audience. Regular content updates, as well as its relevance and usefulness, will attract the attention of users and increase the number of subscribers.
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