Visual content: the main trends of 2023

According to surveys, most marketers believe that social networks are one of the most effective platforms for promoting a business or personal brand. Every creator of unique content published in social networks knows how quickly the preferences and tastes of the audience change. Therefore, they will probably be interested in reading the guide to creating content in 2023.

What content creators need to remember

It is clear to any author that a loyal audience is the main source of income that allows him to earn with his work. A lot of talented content creators decided to give up their favorite business due to the fact that they could not find grateful subscribers. And a large layer of interesting content simply disappeared, because the authors failed to position their works correctly.

Now the era of clip thinking reigns. It takes only 3 seconds for users to make a subscription decision. A lot of people do this subconsciously, guided by their experience, associations and the desire to satisfy their needs as quickly as possible.

Users who get into the author's profile by accident, by clicking on an advertising banner or someone else's repost, but do not take into account the main idea, do not capture the values and mood of the content or are not satisfied with the visual design of the page, simply move on to the next potentially interesting post.
All such users can be considered lost to the author. Not only have they not become subscribers, but they will probably never come back. As a result, the content creator is actually wasting the money allocated for an advertising campaign, which as a result will be ineffective.

For this reason, authors need to carefully develop a strategy to attract an audience and make content plans that take into account the specifics of the chosen category and the interests of the target audience. Only in this case, ordinary viewers will turn into loyal subscribers who closely follow the published works.

How is a content plan created?

Any author working with visual content needs to take into account 3 main elements that directly affect the effectiveness of the content plan. The significance of each of them directly depends on the specifics of the work and the goals set by the author. But keep in mind that all the elements are important because they complement each other.

Content marketing. Many authors claim that they work exclusively for the soul, just doing what they love. However, no one will deny that the main goal of any group or page in social networks is to generate income. The financial issue cannot be excluded from the strategy if you want to continue doing your favorite job. Otherwise, the author will act ineffectively, will not receive a livelihood and in the end will simply burn out. With regular spending on advertising campaigns or simply in the absence of a response from the target audience, the content creator most likely simply does not understand how to attract users who will be interested in his work.

Psychology. Knowing how the mindset of a potential subscriber works, you can understand how to attract his attention to the content being created. This will allow you to build a more effective and efficient strategy for attracting users. It is necessary to take into account the psychology of color, mood and emotions that appear in a person when viewing content, selling triggers. Otherwise, the target audience simply will not be able to understand the meaning and value of the works you publish.

The prevalence of visual content. Now, in the era of clip thinking, it has come to the fore. Some sites for authors do not even provide other tools for expressing ideas, except in a visual way. Therefore, regardless of what kind of content you create, without a bright and colorful image that draws attention to the guide or story, it will be difficult to get subscribers. This is due to the fact that analytical thinking in any person works much slower compared to intuitive. First, the user experiences an emotion, then looks for associations from the existing experience and only then analyzes the content directly.

Content creation trends in 2023

Naturalness. Elegant photos and content illustrating an ideal life have long lost relevance. Now users give more preference to photos, images and visuals that look natural and natural. They want to associate content with real and real people, not with stock photo characters.

Openness. This item is very similar to the previous one. However, the main feature of openness is the ability to share personal impressions, stories, etc. If a content creator positions himself as an expert in some field, this does not mean that he is allowed to publish only expert-level materials. It is quite possible to reveal your identity, get closer to the audience, show that you are not so different from each other: then the number of subscribers will increase rapidly.

Frankness. The content creator needs to be honest with the audience, give up hidden ads and yellow headlines. It is important to immediately explain to users what you do, what you sell and why it is worth buying.

Aesthetics. Social networks have been around for many years, and users have already developed their own taste. Therefore, something banal like endless photos of restaurant dishes or identical selfies is unlikely to attract them. In order for the author's account to be noticed, it must stand out in some way. The most effective techniques in 2023 are minimalistic photos, cinematic shots, etc. Focus on current trends: then you will definitely be able to find an audience that will be interested in your posts.
Monetization of content in 2023
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