Earning on Patreon

Features of the paid subscription platform
Patreon.com — this is a cool foreign platform that helps to develop your business and earn money. In fact, it's like crowdfunding, but with a slight difference. With the help of crowdfunding, you can raise funds for a single project, and thanks to Patreon, you can earn income monthly.

Each platform for content monetization is best suited for a certain type of creators. There is one clear exception: earnings on Patreon are available to literally all authors of digital content. You can share music, videos, graphics, or even stories — and get money from patrons for all this.

At the same time, you should objectively evaluate the capabilities of your audience. Cartridges do not appear "out of thin air" like Instagram followers. To attract fans to the platform, you first need to create a fan base in any social network or on your website.

Of all the authors who earn on Patreon, the creators of visual content have the best opportunities. Photos and videos are understandable to people in all countries without translation.

Vloggers have a unique opportunity to make money on Patreon. The service allows you to add a link to a video to a post (a closed video on a YouTube channel) or use integration with Vimeo. Patreon is the only popular service with the opportunity to earn money on a YouTube podcast.
What does earnings depend on
Donations are usually small — a dollar, two, five, ten ... There are, of course, both 100 and 1000 dollars. Fans connect their card to the service, from which the amount that suits them per month (quarter, week) is debited. But you can also make one-time contributions. In gratitude to the donates, the authors publish exclusive materials on their pages that are not available outside the service. For example, an artist shows the process of creating a picture, a game developer distributes nice game buns, etc.

It is clear that Patreon has its own commission — the service also needs to earn money.

Patreon is one of the services where authors can set very high prices for access to their work. You can earn a lot of money on Patreon even with 10 subscribers. It's difficult, but not impossible.

Revenue on the platform depends on three key parameters:

  • The size of the audience with which you can share a link to your profile;
  • The value of content in the eyes of the audience;
  • The difference between the subscription levels for cartridges.

With the first two points, everything is obvious. The more followers on Instagram or Snapchat think you make cool content, the easier it is for you to earn on Patreon by offering an inexpensive subscription.

Interesting earning opportunities appear with the establishment of different subscription levels (tier). For example, for the minimum price, users receive 15 posts with new photos per month. Several exclusive videos are added to the second subscription level. People who have paid for the third level can be offered to send polaroids or order a photo shoot based on the original story.

To summarize the above, earnings on the Patreon portal depend on the author's ability to create a need for his photos, videos or texts from the audience. Monthly income varies from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
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