How do I register for Patreon?

Patreon gives authors (creators) the opportunity to receive monthly payments from subscribers (patrons). And in return, the creators provide patrons with access to exclusive content. And they can also completely close their creativity for paywall. In general, the authors have a way to get recurring payments. And their subscribers can directly support the creativity of the authors and actually become part of their project.

Create a Patreon account

The Patreon service has become the first major project where content creators can earn money from their subscribers. If you want to use the platform to generate passive income, read this instruction. You will be able to avoid the mistakes that beginners make.

Patreon is a system that allows you to support your favorite creators. Whether they are writers, artists, musicians or bloggers. After registering in this system, you will be charged $ 1 (or more at your request) per month to support the content maker.

So, how do I register on the Patreon portal?

1) Go to the website
2) Click "Sign Up"

But, do not forget that registration for Patreon begins with one additional step — the need to enable VPN. Without this, you will not be able to access the site. If you use a reliable fast VPN service, you will be able to register with Patreon. And then make money on the platform. It is necessary to remember an important condition: the author must have a loyal audience.

You can create an account and register on Patreon via email and password. But authorization is also available through third-party services: Google, Facebook and Apple. A "starter" account allows you to be a patron of other content creators.

Create an author's account, pass verification

Do you take photos, record music or write stories in English? Then you should register for the Patron as an author. To do this, click on the userpic in the lower left corner and click on the Create on Patreon button.

To register on Patreon com as an author, you must specify your real name and surname. This is necessary for legal documents and, in the future, for transferring the earned money to a bank account. When you decide to register on Patreon, come up with a nickname. Upload a profile photo, cover photo and photo for tiers. Set subscription prices for different levels and specify the advantages of each of them.

Now you know how to register for Patreon. Upload original content and invite your followers in social networks to become a patron.

Platform Features

If you decide to register on Patreon as a model, then consider some of the features of the service. The platform does not promote new models. To earn money, you need subscribers in social networks. You will offer them to become a patron for a certain amount.

The second feature is that in the profile description it is necessary to use a detailed description in English. This is the only way to explain to the user what he will see after subscribing.

Use all the opportunities to earn

Registration for the Patron does not imply a refusal to earn money on other platforms. On the contrary, you can receive money from patrons and subscribers. At the same time offering different content for different audiences.

For example, FriendsOnly allows you to share only vertical videos. The main advantage of the platform is getting subscribers on the site, without using social networks.

Let's explain how you can use two platforms using the example of a model with a loyal audience on Instagram. She can get more money by developing two profiles at the same time:

Patrons at Patreon registration pay to view exclusive photos;
Fans on FriendsOnly pay for access to videos.
Think about what kind of content you can offer your subscribers. Sign up for FriendsOnly and Patreon and earn money as an independent online model.
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