Top 5 Alternatives to OnlyFans for Content Creators in 2023

Many content makers are looking for alternatives to OnlyFans, a popular platform for monetizing their content. Here are the top five OnlyFans alternatives for content creators to monetize their content in 2023.


This is a new social media platform. It combines content subscription services and a user-friendly interface. Here is both free and paid video in one account of the author (the paid ones are blurred before the subscription). TonPlace has a main feed, promotion algorithms, and a recommendation section similar to TikTok, which shows viewers the most interesting content. Therefore, the authors do not have to develop other social networks in order to invite subscribers to the FriendsOnly account from there. The platform is loyal to new creators and allows you to share content of a different nature.


That's a platform designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. JustForFans offers higher revenue shares to creators and up to 80% of earnings directly to the creator. Unlike OnlyFans, JustForFans allows creators to receive tips from their followers without requiring a subscription fee.


FanCentro is a comprehensive platform offering a suite of tools for creators to monetize their content. These include a subscription-based fan club, pay-per-view messaging, and private content sales. FanCentro guarantees a high privacy level and security for both authors and followers.


This platform is specifically designed for 18+ content makers. ManyVids offers a variety of ways for creators to earn money, including video sales, tips, and custom content orders. There is also a range of community features, such as contests and events, to help creators find new followers.

AVN Stars

AVN Stars has a long history of supporting adult creators. It has several monetization options: subscription-based fan clubs and tips, and a premium content marketplace. AVN Stars is well-done about visibility and opportunities for creators to be featured in the platform’s marketing and promotional materials.
How do these OnlyFans alternatives compare in terms of revenue share?
Each platform offers a different revenue share percentage, ranging from 65% to 80% going directly to the creator. The fees associated with each platform determine the best fit.
Do these OnlyFans alternatives have the same community level as OnlyFans?
Each platform has its community of creators and followers - the size and engagement may vary. Some services offer additional community features. For example, contests and events to help creators find new followers.
Are these OnlyFans alternatives only for adult content creators?
A: Some platforms listed are specifically designed for adult content creators, while others offer a wide range of categories. Reviewing the platform's policies will ensure your content aligns with their guidelines.
Content creators have numerous options available to monetize their content in 2023. It's important to consider factors such as revenue share, community engagement, and content guidelines before selecting a platform that best suits your needs.
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